It’s the mindset that every employee in your organization need to inculcate i.e. information should always precede technology. Focusing just on technoloy forces a culture that is change resistant, however focus on information keeps you connected to the reality and what’s actually the environment you are operating in really wants you to do. As an organization, information keeps you connected with inside and outside dynamics, whereas in retrospect, technology should be a tool that enables that connectivity. Empowering employees to focus on information rather than on technology to solve problems should go farther than just providing them  tools to do their job. For example, providing sales team with CRM tool with set processes to record customers and sales data will most likely make them less successful, compared to providing them 360 view of customer data that they can then work on to derive meaningful information to work on. Idea is not to limit individuals by providing them technology that will consistently churn out same data over and over again but to enable and motivate them to look for intrinsic data that can’t be found via predefined tools, technologies, and processes. This is also at the gist of innovation. Innovation is not just the responsibility of a few leaders and employees within an organization but a culture that is built overtime where everybody is empowered to seek for an information and  allowed to act on it in a manner that leads to new ideas. Focus on information than technology should also help organizations in promoting culture where valuable information from seasoned and veteran employees is effectively retained and channeled to achieve competitive advantage.