Thank you for visiting “Breaking Barriers: Open Innovation Insights” by Sudhir Shandilya. This blog is a modest attempt to share insights from my journey across sectors like healthcare, pharma, biotech, education, and utilities, with a focus on innovation and the ongoing process of learning. It’s a reflection of the deep lessons and values ingrained in me from my Eastern heritage, which have been shaped and honed through over 25 years of working in the USA.

Here, I hope to offer a space that promotes thinking outside the box and making complex ideas more accessible. This blog is fueled by the wisdom gained from family, mentors, and personal experiences, with an emphasis on looking back to move forward more wisely. It’s about recognizing our minds’ ability to spark innovation, especially in quiet moments.

I invite you to join me in exploring new paths and cultivating unique ideas, all born from a lifetime of experiences and thoughtful reflection.