Welcome to Breaking Barriers: Open Innovation Insights!

Breaking Barriers: Open Innovation Insights, initially established to foster unconventional thinking and address complex challenges, has evolved into a comprehensive platform known as OpenOvation. OpenOvation serves as a thought leadership source, simplifying intricate concepts and making them accessible for a diverse community of product managers, innovators, agile practitioners, students, and entrepreneurs.

At OpenOvation, blending traditional knowledge with modern perspectives is key to driving both personal and professional growth. Our platform inspires individuals to envision new possibilities and find value in setbacks. Lifelong learning, mentoring, coaching, and delivering motivational content that fuels creative pursuits are at the heart of our approach.

Drawing inspiration from both human ingenuity and our beloved animal companions, OpenOvation delves into research and innovative solutions built on the latest technologies, including AI, ML, and Deep Learning, to enhance the adoption and well-being of furry friends and their owners. With a strong commitment to animal welfare and supporting animal rescues, we integrate innovation into animal healthcare and rescue operations, extending our reach to non-profits. Each article on our platform is thoughtfully crafted with a furry friend by our side, infusing every word with companionship, mindfulness, and a deep sense of care.

Sudhir Shandilya (Founder & Head of Innovation Insights)