Whether planned and well thought of or something that just happened, business model is at the heart of any organization. Typically, organizations have business model covering revenue and cost streams. These two streams drive all activities in an organization leading to everything else like  job creation or plain job attrition. However, in context of current global economic & political conditions, growing disparity between rich and poor, mantra for innovation that’s not just limited to the developed nations anymore, social connectedness, for sustaining economy of scales, and growth aspirations this model should have third dimension of community stream. This stream should consider how revenue and cost structure impact communities where any organization buys, sells, or has operations.

Community stream should seamlessly integrate with revenue and cost streams. Adding another dimension to business model may seem like an overhead but it should help organizations with long-term growth & sustainability by establishing organizational structure that’s proactive than reactive to the external changes, finding more friends than enemies, innovate better in real time through techniques like crowd sourcing, by building long term relationships and understanding of customer environments.

Organization of any size should consider this as part of their business model. Following list is mere a start to get us going (click image to enlarge)-


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