Rewarding for wrong goals– often organizations try to motivate with rewards connected to the wrong measures & because of the misunderstood purpose of the organization

–       number of customers versus the number of satisfied customers added and  retained

–       market share/sales versus profit/ROI/ROE

–       fire extinguishers versus problem solvers

–       pet projects versus  strategic projects

–        number of projects/work requests closed versus the number of projects/work requests closed with a deep positive impact on customers

–        following the process versus following the process but with the mindset of incremental improvement and innovation

–        quantity versus quality

–        information  technology versus business technology

–        individuals versus team

–        managers versus leaders

–        popular technology versus technology that enables business processes in alignment with your corporate strategy

–       talkers versus doers

Organizational measures speak volumes about their vision and purpose! Have a meaningful measure that connects with the purpose!